3 Countries in 3 weeks

A vacation that I started planning about 1 year ago is coming to an end tomorrow. Over the last 3 weeks, I have traveled to Jamaica, Germany, and Norway. Writing this I’m reflecting on what I’ve seen and experienced. Jamaica I was asked by my work to travel to Mandeville, Jamaica to help launch a…

Day 8 & 9

I totally fell off the wagon. Not just fell off the wagon but then the wagon took off, leaving me in the dirt. Day 8 Wednesday started out OK. I had a veggie burger and mashed potatoes with onions and peppers. The burger is a fresh made pattie of beans and an assortments of vegetables….

Fed Up – Review

I am always elated when Netflix recommends a new documentary to me. 3/5 times, I think the documentaries are boring or poorly made. This, is not the case for Fed Up.  This thought provoking documentary really dives in to the heart of the obesity problem. It truly left a lasting impression on me. Some highlights…

Pizza face?

Acne, a 4 letter word. It’s something that we can suffer from at any age. It’s annoying and makes you want to grab chemical infused concealers. Instead, try Acne/Pimple Control by Forces of Nature.

Kale Chips

Today for the first time I tries kale chips. I’ve heard amazing things about kale and have used it in my juices. Kale is very hard to juice and it produces very little juice. The chips, are another story. Chips, as they’re called, have the consistency of compacted saw dust. I picked up a package…

Skin Deep Cosmetic Database

Skin Deep Cosmetic Database This amazing website lets you search for different hygiene/cosmetics/beauty products and includes information regarding the ingredients and their toxicity levels. Most of my products ranked a 4! Truly eye opening.


Here is 24 days worth of plastic packaging that I used in my house.

Meh, that was pretty good

I’ve only been on this journey for 4 days, and feel that I am already making progress. Today, I felt strong on my journey and my decisions. Not only did my outlook on food change recently, but so did my scenery. I had the opportunity to work in a new high rise office.  The views…