Day 2

I can’t say today was too much better than yesterday. I enter every day with the best of intentions and at some point, I falter.

Last night, I used my Meal Prep Haven containers to prepare myself a quinoa salad with goat cheese and mango.

1 Fruit (mango)

2 Carbs (quinoa)

1 Healthy Fats (goat cheese)

I planned on cracking my salad open for lunch but had again neglected to have breakfast. Around noon I headed to the Bistro and enjoyed a veggie burger and side of fruit.

1 Fruit (watermelon, berries, and cantaloupe)

1 Protein (veggie burger)

1 Healthy Fats (cheese & avacado)

2 Carbs (bun)

I enjoyed my burger and looked forward to my salad for a late lunch/dinner. Around 5pm, my coworker solicited lunch, and instead of sticking to my guns and eating my salad, I ordered some Vietnamese food with my coworkers. Not only was it pricey, but it really wasn’t worth it. The taste was a 2 at best and the serving size was inadequate. 

Upon arriving home, I should have had some veggies and some protein but instead, I dove elbow deep into the fridge and made another grilled cheese. A few more crackers and goat cheese and my day was done.

3 Carbs (whole grain bread & crackers)

2 Healthy Fats (cheese)

2 Oils (vegan butter)

I think my plan for tomorrow is going to be to have breakfast and just say no. Only eat what I bring from home and stay away from take away and the Bistro. 

It’s only day 2. This is a journey, and there’s bound to be some thorns and potholes along the way.


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