Day 1

Today started off with great intentions. I had a chiropractic appointment in the morning so I made my lunch using the Meal Prep Haven containers.

2 Vegetable (spinach)

1 Fruit (strawberry)

2 Seeds / Dressing (walnut / raspberry walnut vinaigrette)

Since I had an appointment, I foolishly forgot to eat breakfast. When noon rolled around, I mindlessly reached for a donut. I’m not really a donut person, and I eat maybe 4 a year, but seeing Pink Box sitting there, I dove in. There were 6 boxes just waiting to be eaten, so I took one back to my team. Mistake number 2.

Around 2pm, I finally broke into my lunch and enjoyed every bite. Today was a little stressful and busy at work, so over the next hour I slowly chewed on my salad, and eventually reached for another donut. I was off course but not totally derailed.

I got home several hours later and it was time for dinner. I’m terrible about making meals when at home. I’m very much a “grab and go” kind of gal. This is why I feel prepping all of my meals the night before is going to be beneficial. I pulled out and measured out my dinner.

1 Carb (crackers)

1 Healthy Fat (goat cheese)

That should have been it. I hadn’t quite reached my 3 2 4 2 1 1 2, but I just needed to get a little more protein, and I’d be set. That’s when a grilled cheese called my name. Two slices of whole grain bread and 3 of cheese alternative slices. I did manage to get in about 6 glasses of water, which is just 12 shy of my goal.

I’ll need to do some more prepping and brainstorming for the upcoming week. Luckily, donuts won’t tempt me for the next few months and I’ve slid the bread and cheese to the back of the fridge.

Tomorrow is another day!




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