Get Your Fix

Day 1 of the 21 Day Fix. Well, not exactly. Even though most of what I eat is healthy, I’m not completely raw yet and the processed food that I am eating is the wrong portions and wrong amount of the right things.
Well Ashley, just go completely raw. Easier said than done. As we all know 🍕 and 🧀 is really good. So I purchased some containers online from a company called Meal Prep Haven.

Meal Prep Haven offers similar portion containers as the 21 Day Fix, without the huge sticker shock. If you’ve never heard of it, here’s the 411. You receive a few containers that are different colors. They offer a guide that tells you not only how many containers full of food you eat in a day, but also what should go in each container. The different colors represent:

Green – vegetable

Purple – fruit

Red – protein

Blue – fat

Yellow – carb

Orange – seeds and dressings

Spoon – oils

You can either leave everything in the spill proof containers, or simply use them for measuring and then combine the food later depending on what you’re making. Let’s say you’re making a quinoa salad. You’d first measure out all of the ingredients, quinoa (carbs), grapes (fruit), goat cheese (healthy fats) and maybe some oils and herbs (spoon) in the containers. Then mix it all together and enjoy. 

Sometimes, the prep seems like a lot of work, but losing weight and getting in the right nutrients at first is difficult. Eventually, like any pattern, you get the hang of it and start to learn little tricks. The biggest thing is to stick to the plan, no cheating, and give it some time. It takes 21-28 days to build a habit, so give it some time.

I’ll post what I ate later today. 


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