“People Food” and Pets

I read a great article today about reducing inflammation in your pets. Our pets are not that different from us. They have organs and a lymphatic system, they can get cancers and stress, and their health is impacted by many of the same things that ours are. Our bodies are similar in a lot of ways and pets can benefit from a healthy natural lifestyle.

You’ve probably heard the idea that it’s bad to feed dogs “people food.” And while yes, processed human food is not good for dogs, it’s actually not good for people either. There are a few different foods that you should never feed your pet, but many “people foods” are really good for your pets. After all, natural foods are not just for people! Birds and squirrels eat nuts and seeds. Hippos and giraffes eat leafy greens. Deer and monkeys eat berries and fruit. Produce, seeds, nuts, legumes, and grains and not “people food,” they’re just food!

Processed pet foods that we purchase from the store are far from what the ancestors of our pets ate. Wolves and foxes don’t wake up, leave their den and begin to hunt for Beggin’ Strips or nugget shaped meat. Unfortunately most people don’t have the time, money, or resources to feed their pets the nutrients in raw form they truly need. Pet foods offer a convenient way to keep your pet healthy and fed; but just like humans, there are things to definitely avoid and things you can incorporate into their diet to boost their health. 

I suggest giving the articles below a read. Please always consult with your veterinary before drastically changing your pets lifestyle. 

7 Ways to Prevent Inflammation in Your Pet

10 “People” Foods for Dogs

How to Avoid Foods Dangerous for Your Dog


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  1. Mum says:

    We always want the best for our Fuzzy children. Thank you for the info.

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