Keep it simple…

While cleaning my house today and watching hours of HGTV, it dawned on me that I value convenience over style, sometimes. Crouched down on the floor, scrubbing the crevices of my cabinet doors clean, I day dream of a day where detailing my home with a toothbrush is a thing of the past. 

If you want to spend more time making memories and having fun, and less time cleaning, here’s a plan to simplify the details.

Get a maid. I kid, I kid. 🙂

Reduce the Clutter

Let’s admit it, we’re all hoarders to a degree. We may not have floor to ceiling milk cartons or keep every gum wrapper, but you probably have way more things than you need. That special pan you only use once a year for crepes, the 5″ heels in periwinkle that you keep in case you are a bridesmaid again, or that lamp shade that matched your old home but doesn’t quite have a place in your new one. 

  • Get rid of it! If you don’t use it weekly, consider donating it. If you can’t remember the last time you used it, you probably don’t really need it.
  • Return borrowed items. Whether it’s a wet vac or a food dehydrator, if you borrowed something from a friend, return it. Comb through your home, find all of the borrowed items, sit them by your front door, and commit to returning 1 item each day. It’ll be out of your home, and off your mind. Your friends will thank you as well.
  • Only let in as many items as you take out. Keep a balance in your home by maintaining the same amount of items or slowly reduce it. If you go shopping and get a new picture frame, donate one item. One in, one out. Also, balance the mass of the items in and out. If you purchase a new chair, getting rid of a beer cozy isn’t exactly a fair trade. Perhaps consider donating a few items for your new chair. 
  • If it’s broken, fix it or trash it. Don’t let items sit around your home that are broken. If something has been broken for more than 2 weeks, you’re probably never going to fix it, so get rid of it. Broken items are not only an eyesore, but they’re unnecessary stresses. Every time you pass by the item you tell yourself, “I need to fix that.” You don’t need the stress, so dump it.

Consider Automation

Nearly everything today can be automated. From your bills to vacuuming, there’s a service or machine that can automate nearly any process for you.

Determine what it is that you find yourself stressing about or procrastinating over and consider automating it. 

Organize Everything

Your coupons, shoes, wires, anything and everything can be organized. Stores such as IKEA or The Container Store specialize in home organization. You’re more likely to keep your home clean if you have a place for everything.

Look around your home, what is out of place? In my home, I have jewelry and phone accessories all over. I try to put them in piles or in a shoe box, but eventually they end up migrating into my bedroom, dining room, and even the kitchen sometimes. So tonight I am searching Pinterest for a jewelry solution. I’m thinking something like this. Still not sure. What do you think?   

Source It Out

There is no shame in asking for help. If there is a particular thing that needs to get done that you dread over all others *cough* baseboards *cough* consider hiring someone to help you. Depending on what it is, you may have to pay for these services in cash or in trade, or for free just because your friends love you. If you help me move, I’ll stand in line at the DMV for you. If you walk my dogs once a day while I’m at work, I will water your plants when you go out of town. If you clean my baseboards, I will give you money. See, everyone is happy. 

Life is too short to stress about something that can be simplified. Eliminate uneccsary stress, items, and chores. 



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    1. Mum says:

      You have some very good suggestions.

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