Bag It – Documentary Review

Our dependancy on plastic has raised to an all time high. It’s estimated that more plastic was used between 2000-2010 than in 1900-2000. Plastic is everywhere. It’s in your Statbucks cup, soda cans, baby bottles, and much more. It’s nearly impossible to avoid plastic.

Only a small amount of plastic is recycled and most can only be recycled once. A water bottle is down-cycled into not another water bottle, but a lower grade plastic and then after that use is not recyclable anymore and thrown in a landfill. 

Plastic comes from oil so while there’s a huge push to drive fuel efficient cars, we’re using more and more oil to create plastic.

Other counties from Australia to India have begun to ban plastic grocery bags and reward those who turn in their old bottles. In Germany, plastic bottles are washed and resused 30+ times. America needs to push for change to reduce our use of plastic.

So what can you do? Start with purchasing reusable products. Grocery totes, nut bags, glass to-go containers, glass water bottles, reusable metal coffee thermos, etc… Look at your life and determine the products that simply hold or transport your food/purchases and find a reusable version. Below are a few of my favorites.

The film overall was pretty good. It provided useful information in a fun way. I definitely recommend this film. 


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