Day 2

Today was pretty rough. I started off strong making 2 smoothies for breakfast and a snack. I was offered a cookie icecream sandwich and nearly gave in. I stayed strong though.

Lunch came around and they had black bean burgers in the Bistro. “They NEVER have these” I thought to myself. Luckily I hadn’t brought my money or else I probably would have given in. I enjoyed a black bean soup instead.

As my day came to a close, one of my drug craving struck, Taco Bell. All I could do is think about melted cheese sauce, beans, zesty seasonings. My mouth salivated and my heart began to race. I started to think to myself, “well I never got to have my final Taco Bell meal. I deserve this because I did so good today. If I only get this and that I’ll stay within my caloric intake.”

I was able to talk myself down and pass by without stopping. I arrived home and spent the next 20 minutes preparing guacamole. My bamboo IKEA bowl was now filled to the brim with delicious raw vegan healthy guacamole. I enjoyed it with some plantain chips and a small portion of raisins. 


I’m really proud of myself that I have made it 2 days! I’m constantly battling those inner voices, the ones that tell you that “it’s ok to give in. You’ll do better tomorrow. No one will know. You deserve this.” 

I hope the voices calm down as I become stronger.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m so proud of you. It is hard to make changes in our lives even when we know it is good for us. I have a hard time with my inner self sometimes. If i give in to my ‘inner voice’ usually I feel good for a moment but then the ‘why did you do that?’ kicks in. I always feel better when the urge passes and I stayed true to myself. As time passes, and with each good choice, you will find strength. I love you Moof. Mum

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