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Hey everyone!

Sorry that it has been a long long time since I have posted anything. I am going to start posting more things on Instagram and beginning my own Youtube channel soon as well. This channel will focus on raw living in a large city, Farmer’s Markets, buying local, and how to eat raw or vegan on a budget. Follow me in Instagram. I will post my Youtube link once it is up.

So what has been going on with me? I have been spending most time working and trying to heal. I had all of my wisdom teeth removed a few weeks ago and it has affected me more than I originally thought. The preferred age for teeth extraction is 18-25 because the root  has not fully attached and grown in the jaw. I am 30, so my teeth were good and cemented. At first I thought, “oh, this is not big deal!” But after the pain medicine wore off, I started feeling the repercussions. I am not a person who likes to take medication, but the amount of pain that I was in was affecting my job and life, so I caved and took it. After my prescription had run dry, I tried hot compresses, natural pain remedies, and finally a low dose Ibuprofen. Nearly 3 weeks later, and I am still sore.

The pain is a dull constant ache that worsens as the day progresses. If that wasn’t bad enough, my body went through withdraw. Body aches, headaches, and stomach pain was the tip of the iceberg. It was not fun at all. Unrelated to the withdraw symptoms, I potentially contracted E.Coli. Every bit of my body hurt.  On day 18, I can finally say that I feel nearly normal. I still have a dull pain, but it’s improving day by day. I have hope that before Christmas, I will awaken and have no pain. I will leap from my bed and sing with joy. Ok maybe not leap or sing, but you get the picture.

Tomorrow marks the first day on my journey towards getting my degree in Sustainability and certification as a Nutritionist. I have been on a constant path into a careerless adulthood. I have an amazing job and have grown immensely in it, but it has never fully fulfilled me. It has been said, “choose a job you love, and you’ll never work a day.” What did I love? Everything. The law, animals, the environment, technology, music, nutrition, architecture, criminal justice, and the list goes on. As a joke, I told one of my younger colleagues who was questioning herself and her career choices as well, “choose a job that reflects your Pinterest.” With a puzzled look, I continued on. “Look at your boards on Pinterest. Those are your dreams, your interests, the things you like the most. Why not make a career out of your Pinterest board? If it’s all recipes, maybe look into being a chef or writing a cook book. If it’s decorating ideas, maybe pursue a degree in interior design or architecture. Get paid for what do already do for free.”

I began to look at mine, and it was filled with ideas for my Tiny House, sustainability ideas, rain water collection tubs, green home renovations, and cute puppies. That was when I decided that I needed to pursue what I was already doing. Before I jump into a degree and student loans, I chose to investigate free degrees to make sure it was something that I could really enjoy and take on. I got on good ol Google, and found an online school that offered free degrees and courses. While they are not accredited, it was a good way to get my feet wet, and help ensure myself that I was heading in the right direction.

Wish me luck!


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  1. Mum says:

    I know you’ve had a couple rough weeks. I’m glad you’re on the road to recovery. Isn’t is amazing we don’t realize how good we feel when we aren’t sick, until we are well again? I’m glad you are pursuing your dreams and spreading your wings. Even if this turns out not to be something you want to do forever, you will have tried something new and learned new things. Good for you .

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