Asian Market Haul

Today I ventured out of my farmers market and my supermarket to go to an Asian market in the Asian cultural district here in my local town. I was first greeted by what looked like a Porcupine that was probably 14 to 15 pounds. This majestic fruit is called a jackfruit.
I turned the corner and found fruits that I had never seen in my life. Dragon fruit, papaya, guava, cherimoya, yellow mango, star fruit, Mexican squash, durian, and so much more. I grabbed a few things that looked interesting, loaded them into my reusable shopping bag, and headed on my way.
I got home and chose to try to you starfruit first. This yellow fruit, which when put on his side resembles a five pointed star, was delicious. It’s kind of heart and leaves a weird feeling on the inside of your mouth. It is crisp yet soft like a cucumber but flavorful like a lemon or an orange. Overall I say you should give this a try!
Tomorrow I will be tackling the durian!






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