Fresh, straight to your front door

Last night I received my first order from a local fresh food delivery service. Their farms use no chemical fertilizers, peri sides, or growth hormones. The other nice thing is that it’s all fresh and locally grown! I love the convenience of home delivery for a few reasons.
I work really odd hours and unfortunately am not always able to visit farmers markets or grocery stores that offer organic local produce. The home delivery is also better for my carbon footprint. In my complex, there are able 5 other individuals that use this service as well. So instead of 5 people making weekly trips to the market, 1 driver brings us all our food in 1 convenient trip.
The food is evenly matched on price with local stores. You do pay a weekly $3 delivery fee, but receive tons of freebies. This week I received a loaf of pumpkin arisen bread, chicken tamales, and apples for free! I also liked that most of the items came with either no or minimal packaging. Most of our trash is from food packaging, so cutting this out eliminated waste.
I did not order milk because I never bed up drinking it, but I love that they reuse their bottles. It’s like the old fashioned milk man!
I am really enjoying this service so far for many reasons I’ve already talked about, but also because it keeps me from picking up snack items at the grocery store. I’m an impulse shopper and eater. I’ll walk in for strawberries and leave with a pizza, candy, soda, ice cream, and strawberries. Impulse control is difficult for me, so I’ve found a work around, stay out of the stores! I’ve managed to avoid fast food for a month, with only 1 or 2 slip ups. It’s about finding ways around the problems. Now, if someone asks if I want fast food, it’s very easy to say no. My hopes is that once my body only craves the fruits and veg that I’m putting into it, my subconscience will not take over and put crap in the trolley. I feel like a zombie when I shop and eat junk. I enter the grocery store and then all of a sudden I’m in the car unaware of what happened.
I have listed my haul this week below. Sone items are weekly, some biweekly, and some monthly. The entire order cost about $40 total. Not too shabby for a fridge full! Even better was that 70% of the items came from my own town. The remainder from a farm within 1 state away.

Silk Almond Milk Vanilla 1/2gal
Chicken Enchiladas W/ Rice & Beans
Dozen Brown Eggs Organic
Fuji Apples (6)
Kiwi (4 ct.)
Strawberries (16 oz.)
2 Baby spinach (6oz.)
Roma Tomatoes 6 Ct
Produce Box (an assortment of fruit and veg)



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  1. Earla says:

    It sounds fabulous. I would like info on them. I like your approach. Have of solving any problem is recognizing that you have struggles. I’m proud of you.

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