Off the wagon

Hey LOVErs, get it, because the name of my blog?  Corny, I know :).  It’s been a while since I have posted about my journey because I have not only fell ill, but I was also ashamed. Over the last week or so, I went from 90% raw to only about 10%. I fell off the wagon and was back to eating everything in sight including… gulp… meat.

I am really good when I am in the company of others, because I feel that I made this declaration of going raw, and I don’t want to let myself down in their eyes or look like another person who went on a soap box for a week and then fell off.  I still believe in this lifestyle, but I’ve lost a little bit of my determination.

Today, I looked at the calendar and realized that it is not only 2 days until my friend moves to Seattle, but also that it is about 91 days until Christmas. Oh the Holidays. The most glutenous time of the year. Where turkey, pies, and alcohol flow freely. I need to ensure that I have built a good habit and have the will power to live raw through these family filled times. The other reason I want to get back on track with this deadline looming came in the form of Mt. Vesuvius that erupted on my face this morning. With the recent passing of my grandmother, photos and videos have become precious to me. I have photos all around my house of my loved ones, and cherish these photos because they stir up great memories.  We usually only take photos in good times.  The Holidays, birthdays, weddings, etc… Every photo from the last 15 years that I’m in, I don’t see family or love, I see overweight and acne. I don’t want to look at a Christmas photo and think, “ugh, I look horrible.” I want to see a healthy and happy family.

While watching a documentary on Netflix called The Beautiful Truth, something said caught my attention. The documentary talks about food manufacturers, the harm of processed food, and how food can cause or cure cancer. I know not if what they say is completely true, but what I do know is that diet is one of the factors behind preventing Alzheimer Disease. The disease that took the life of my grandmother and grandfather. During the last few years of my grandmother’s life, my family did a lot of research on the subject of a cure and prevention.  A few things that came up over and over again were as follows:

  • Keep your mind active: do puzzles, read a book, take a class, or learn a new language.
  • Exercise regularily
  • Cut out processed and high fat foods
  • Maintain your weight
  • Reduce stress

I am currently learning French, I read often, I walk my dogs daily, I meditate sometimes to reduce stress, so all that was left was weight control and diet. Both of which went hand in hand.

My present and my future health and happiness will increase by eating raw. I’ll feel better, live longer, reduce my chances of disease, and potentially be happier.  So what am I waiting for?

Another topic that came up during watching this documentary is the talk about processed food and dental health.  Why is it that bears, wolves, and other creatures generally have white clean teeth? They don’t brush them each morning like we do. They spoke of a study in cultures that had no contact to processed foods, sugars, bleached flour, or dental practices. Less than 10% of the tribe had tooth decay or gum disease. They introduces white bread into the culture, and of those who ate it, nearly all developed tartar, tooth decay, and gum disease.

Bottom line is, our bodies were made by God to enjoy the Earth and it’s flora and fauna as it is.  We were not made to eat GMO or artificial flavors. Strawberries don’t need to be the size of grapefruits, our grapefruits don’t need to be the size of watermelons. This Earth is as beautiful as it was made over 5, 10, 100 thousand years ago. Let’s get back to basics. Instead of “saving the Earth,” let’s treat it how we did back then. Back when it was pure and void of pesticides, atom bombs, and toxins.

Tomorrow is a new day.


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  1. Earla says:

    I have read your post . I see a beautiful young woman full of life, love, humor, kindness,a gentle heart, so very smart, full of wisdom. You have drive, spunk and values. I know you will be able to do whatever you put your mind to. I’m here for you and your biggest cheerleader. I love you sweetie, mum.

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