Rawesome Burger w/ “Fries”

Today is the 3rd day on my 70 10 10 10 raw lifestyle.  So far, I’ve done pretty well.  It has not been easy, I admit that.  I have the most trouble during lunch.  All I want to do is get away from the office and have a break, but finding raw affordable food is not easy.  Luckily today, I discovered Go Raw Cafe.

My morning started off with a banana, mixed berry, almond butter, and almond milk shake. I snacked on a little bit of cheese and organic coffee. I added organic almond milk to my coffee and iced it. My dinner comprised of spinach, strawberries, vinaigrette, walnut slivers, feta and blue cheese crumbles.

And… lunch happened.

I read about Go Raw Cafe online and convinced a coworker to go with me. I decided on an appetizer and entree.

Chips, Salsa & Guacamole $8.88
House salsa and guacamole served with flax chips

AMAZING! I’m not sure what they put in the salsa and guacamole, but we were both amazed.  The flax chips were also very delicious.  I was going to purchase a bag, but at $7 for a small amount of crisps, I chose to pass for today. The salsa was comprised of tomato, onion, and what I believe was lime juice.  It was crisp and fresh. The guacamole was so fluffy and sweet, I could have eaten a bucket. When I go back, I will definitely get this again.

Gimme the Beet “Cheese” Burger w/ Fries $10.88
Veggie burger made with beets, carrots, sunflower seeds, & parsley.
Served on living bread w/ hand prepared catsup, mustard, mayo,
onion, tomato, lettuce, sprouts, avocado, & almond cheese.

The burger was tasty, but not traditional.  The bread was hard and not fluffy like typical bread. There was so much goodness on the burger that it was difficult keeping it in the bun.  Eventually, I opened it up and ate with a fork. The spread that was on the burger was too hot for me, so I put it to the side.  Next time, I’ll ask it to be removed. The almond cheese had a good flavor, but the consistency was similar to a grainy ricotta cheese. I enjoyed the veg on the burger, but couldn’t really taste the “patty” because there was just too much going on.  The “fries” were actually avocado strips that were breaded with some type of brown powder.  To be honest, they kind of resembled poo. They were good, but too limp to pick up.  I used the remaining guacamole, scooped it on to the “fries” and closed my eyes.  They were probably the 4th best thing after the guacamole, crisps, and salsa.

My first experience was a good one overall.  I will definitely ask a few more questions about the spreads or toppings to ensure that I don’t encounter a tingly tongue.

What I enjoyed most about the experience was knowing that what I was putting in my body was pure and good for me. The food  didn’t have fertilizers or chemical pesticides on them, and no animals lost their lives for me to eat.

I haven’t hit my “detox” period yet that everyone speaks of. I wonder if it’s because I’ve only been on it for a few days, or because I am not 100% raw.  We’ll see what happens. I’m eager to get the toxins out of my body and continue to cut more and more processed food out of my body.

Next time, I think I’ll try one of their pizzas. I sampled a vegan pizza at Pop Up Pizza, and I thought it was better than the non-vegan pizza from the same restaurant. On a scale of cardboard to Sicily, I’d say it’s an 8 slice. Go Raw Cafe has big pie tins to fill. 🙂

Pop Up Pizza
The Soho – Vegan mozzarella, spinach, mushrooms, artichoke, and roasted bell peppers
$24.99 Extra Large 18″ Or By The Slice (In-House only) $3.95 (See Pizza) – See more at: http://www.popuppizzalv.com/menu/#sthash.OHciZj7g.dpuf

Go Raw Cafe
Half $8.88 Full $14.88
“Unlike any you’ve ever had”
On raw, sprouted, delicious, living, buckwheat crust

Traditional Pizza – Topped with “almond cheese”, a blend of basil
pesto, & marinara sauce w/ veggies, & “walnut sausage”

Mexicali Pizza – Topped with Mexi “cheese”, “beans”, “rice”,
guacamole, salsa, sour dream, & hemp seeds

Mediterranean Pizza – Topped with raw organic hummus,
sprouted pumpkin seeds, greek olives, mixed greens,
diced tomatoes, tabouleh, bell peppers, and sprouts.

Tomorrow I am going to begin reading a few books that I rented from the library.  I’ll include the names and my reviews soon. Until next time!

Raw can be awesome!


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